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We provide consultancy in the context of urban rehabilitation, where we develop investment opportunities, located essentially in the heart of our cities.

We offer a follow-up from the raising of the property, as well as studies of profitability, through the development of the architectural and engineering project, execution of work and accompaniment in sales. In this way we reduce risks and optimize techniques, always aiming to guarantee our customers the success of the investment.
We have a capable and available technical framework to form your investment, we wager on strict control of the constructive process and the quality of our works.




We rehabilitate and maintain rigorously, competence and technical all sorts of buildings.

In an area where the monitoring, study and strict control of the construction must be adjusted to the building to rehabilitate, preserve or remodel. Our proactivity, requirement and rigour in the application of solutions, becomes essential to go against the needs of the works, respecting the budget defined by our client.




Projects are accompanied by cost-of-work budget, for better definition of objectives and fulfillment of expectations.

The procedure in the idealisation of a rehabilitation project begins with a rigorous survey of the building, where they are identified by our technicians, the main pathologies and deficiencies. All necessary projects are developed based on the needs of the building and the intentions of the owner.